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Most Desired Places to Live

The appeal of a fresh start is often something we find ourselves dreaming about. Whether you’re chasing the sun, have landed a new job, moving closer to family, or just looking for a change of pace, there are many reasons why you may want to relocate to a different city or even country. But which locations are the most desirable?

Using Google search volume over a period of a year (December 2021-November 2022) for terms relating to living and moving to a certain location, we’ve discovered the most desired destinations to live in across the globe as well as within the UK. We’ve also provided some top tips for those hoping to achieve their dream re-location.

The top ten most desired cities to live in the UK

By analysing Google search volume in the UK for various locations across the country, we have discovered the top ten cities that Brits most want to relocate to.

Rank City Total number of searches
1 London 33,700
2 Manchester 19,910
3 Birmingham 17,980
4 Liverpool 17,960
5 Bradford 13,130
6 Leeds 13,050 
7 Nottingham 12,440
8 Sheffield 11,960
9 Bristol 11,520
10 Glasgow 10,780
  1. London - The UK’s capital gets the top spot, with London having a total of 33,700 searches in the last year for moving-related terms. London is a hub of activity and culture within the UK, with plenty of job opportunities and a rich history, so it’s the place to be for those that love city life and all it has to offer.
  2. Manchester - Known as the music capital of the UK, with live music and events happening regularly, Manchester had a total of 19,910 searches in the last year. The city boasts a large number of job opportunities, particularly within the fashion industry, making it an ideal location for professionals.
  3. Birmingham - Birmingham ranks as the UK’s third most desired city to live, with 17,780 people searching for moving-related terms each year. Home to numerous football teams and one of Europe’s largest shopping centres, Birmingham has broad appeal. This multicultural city also offers a wide variety of award-winning restaurants in a range of different cuisines.

Bristol also makes the top ten, and aside from London, is the only other southern city to feature. Glasgow is the only UK city outside of England to rank in the top ten.

The top ten most desired capital cities to live in the world

Using the average yearly global search volume, we reveal which capital cities around the world people are most interested in upping sticks and beginning a new life in.

Rank City Total number of searches
1 London 60,100
2 Dublin 18,350
3 Amsterdam 10,790
4 Canberra 6,560
5 Berlin 6,290
6 Paris 5,100
7 Wellington 4,980
8 Lisbon 4,080
9 Washington, DC 4,030
10 Luxembourg 3,670
  1. London - London also gets the top spot as the most searched-for capital city, with 60,100 global searches in the last year.
  2. Dublin - The second most desired capital city is Dublin, with 18,350 searches in the last year. Ireland’s friendly and upbeat capital is known for its beautiful Georgian architecture and for being the birthplace of Guinness. It’s one of six UNESCO cities of literature and was home to Yeats, Beckett, and many more renowned authors, making it the ideal location for book and art lovers.
  3. Amsterdam - The capital of the Netherlands comes in third place with a total of 10,790 yearly searches. Amsterdam is a vibrant city full of beauty and culture. Home to more canals than Venice, this famous city is well known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and incredible art scene.

Outside of Europe, New Zealand’s capital Wellington, Australia’s capital Canberra, and the US capital Washington, D.C all feature in the top ten. The appeal of English-speaking countries is clear, with half of the countries in the top 10 having English as their first language.

The top ten most desired countries to live in the world

Now that we know which cities attract the most interest for people looking for somewhere new to call home, which countries are the most popular overall? We looked at the average amount of worldwide search interest for each country over the past year to discover where people are most interested in emigrating.

Rank Country Total number of searches
1 Canada 52,800
2 Spain 26,190
3 Australia 23,020
4 Ireland 20,020
5 New Zealand 15,880
6 Portugal 14,920
7 Germany 12,220
8 Italy 11,990
9 Japan 11,370
10 France 11,220
  1. Canada - Canada is the most desired country in the world to move to, with 52,800 people searching for moving-related terms in the last year. Known for its breathtaking scenery, it is home to some of the world’s most picturesque lakes, beautiful national parks and magnificent mountains.
  2. Spain - With everything from bustling cities to quiet coastal towns, Spain truly has something for everyone. Over the past year 26,190 searches have been made by people interested in moving here, earning Spain second place. Offering a laid-back lifestyle, this country is a great place for people of all ages that want to live a more serene lifestyle.
  3. Australia - In the third spot is Australia, with 23,020 people searching for moving terms in the last year. Filled with vibrant wildlife and stunning architecture, it has a lot to offer. With warmer climates all year round, Australia is great for those that love to get outdoors, whether that’s swimming, hiking, or surfing.

Japan is the only Asian country that features in the top 10, with 11,370 searches in the last year. Offering great food and idyllic scenery, Japan has something for everyone.

Top tips for home hunting

If you’re thinking about re-locating, whether that’s to a new city or a new country, we’ve put together some top tips to help you find the perfect place for you.

  1. Decide on what your priorities are - Make sure you’re aware of what you’re looking for in an area and know your priorities. For example, if you have children, prioritise school districts, but if you’re a working professional you should focus on job opportunities.
  2. Set a budget - Coming up with a budget early on will ensure the places you’re looking at are affordable to you and remove the risk of falling in love with a location that’s slightly out of reach. It’s also a good idea to set a travel budget if you’re planning on viewing properties far away.
  3. Get the right insurance in place -  The most important cover to have in place when moving home is a home insurance policy that includes house removals. This kind of cover typically includes accidental loss or damage to your contents while they’re being moved by a professional removals company to your new home. If cover isn’t included in your existing policy your provider may be able to add it on, so it’s important to check what is included any existing policies you already have.


Using a seedlist of countries and cities, we accessed the search volume for the terms ‘moving to’, ‘where to live in’, ‘buy house’ and ‘rent house’ across a period of one year, Dec 2021 - Nov 2022. UK search volume was used for UK cities data, with global search volume being used for capital cities and countries search terms. The data was extracted using Google Keyword planner.