Britain’s best-loved homes

Fantastic architecture and historic buildings that date back centuries are magnets for instagrammers with many of these photogenic sites being popular attractions both for family days out as well as for visiting tourists. 
From castles to palaces to stately homes, the UK has plenty of famous homes that people love to visit and post pictures of. We wanted to find out which of these were Britain’s best-loved homes, so we took to Instagram to find out which are the most hashtagged of the hundreds of famous homes across the UK. 

The UK’s most popular homes 

The UK's most popular homes ranked

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With a list of more than 350 castles, palaces and stately homes in Britain, we used Instagram to find how many posts have used the relevant hashtags for each home to find our top 100. 
We did not include castles and homes that are in a state of ruins or derelict. We also omitted any building that was listed as a keep as these were used for military purposes rather than to be a home. 
All Instagram data is accurate on 4th June 2020.