Alex Hasty

Director at Comparethemarket

Consumer expert on insurance and finance

Alex is passionate about helping people make great financial decisions. He regularly comments in the media, particularly on:

  • Ways people can save money
  • Market insights and key trends in insurance
  • Consumer behaviour

Alex's background in the industry

“I’ve worked in financial services for over 10 years. I worked in a leading role at Amazon, concentrating on digital payments, and then in a commercial focused role at Compare the Market. I now head up the Trading team at Compare the Market.”

Alex's goal as Director at Compare the Market

“People use our services to save money, meaning our business interests are intrinsically linked to driving good customer outcomes. I want to help make it as easy as possible for households to find the right product, at a great price, every time they come and compare.”

Alex Hasty commenting on...

The optimum time to switch

“Drivers could be missing out on significant savings by not switching their insurance policy at the optimum time. Many people leave it until the last minute to take out or renew a policy, but you could save even more by switching up to three weeks before the end of your policy compared to the day it automatically renews.”

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Helpful savings when you pay car insurance annually

“As living costs and bills continue to rise, many families across the UK are feeling financially squeezed. Saving on your car insurance is always attractive, considering that the average cost of car insurance is nearly £700.  Although it might seem easier to make smaller monthly payments, if you’re in a financial position to be able to pay your car insurance policy annually, it could lead to helpful savings of around £60.”

The benefits of switching ahead of renewal

“Household budgets are being squeezed from rising living costs, and, with home insurance premiums on the rise, it’s vital that households look for savings wherever possible. With the difference in cost between the average and cheapest home insurance premium increasing, this means homeowners could make greater savings when switching ahead of renewal. ­­­­­­Shopping around online remains one of the best ways to cut the cost of insurance and households could save significantly if they switch to the cheapest motor and home insurance providers.”