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Anna McEntee

Director of Comparison Journeys at Compare the Market

Insurance expert

Anna’s all about delivering fantastic insurance products at a great price. She cuts through the jargon and finds what’s most important and worth your hard-earned money.

Anna’s background

“I’ve worked in the insurance industry for over 25 years, with more than five of those at Compare the Market. In this time, I’ve been honing a deep expertise in commercial and product development, directly impacting how customers save money.

I’m deeply passionate about showing cats. I’m the proud owner of nine British Shorthair and Exotic Shorthair cats and dedicate most weekends to competing in shows across the UK.”

Anna’s goal

“My goal is simple yet ambitious: to ensure our customers always get great deals. I have a long history working closely with the products and services that we compare, so I know what a great deal really looks like and how to get it.

My combination of professional insight and personal dedication to excellence has turned me into a leader in the insurance sector.”

Anna’s experience

Compare the Market

Anna has held a number of Director roles at Compare the Market. Currently, she’s the Director of Comparison Journeys for the products and services we compare. She’s been responsible for strategic planning, product development and governance, and operations, aiming to deliver the best deals for our customers.

BGL Group

While working for the BGL Group, Anna held several positions in the Commercial and Trading teams. This eventually led to her becoming Commercial & Digital Director of their Insurance, Distribution and Outsourcing (IDO) division.

Legal & General

As the Home Insurance Product Manager, Anna was responsible for developing the product across all distribution channels. She also managed third-party relationships with underwriters of home and other insurance products.

Anna McEntee commenting on...

Home insurance for renters
“When comparing contents insurance for renters, it’s worth considering a policy that includes tenants’ liability. This useful cover offers financial protection if you accidentally damage anything that belongs to your landlord, such as carpets, bathroom fixtures or furniture.

Some insurance providers include tenants’ liability cover as standard with renters’ insurance. But it can also be bought as standalone cover.

Many of the policies we compare have tenants’ liability already included, but always check the details to make sure.”

Annual travel insurance vs a single-trip policy
"You might think a multi-trip annual policy isn't for you, but even going away twice in a year could make it worth it. It can also remove some of the admin from travelling, with one policy covering you for all your trips, rather than having to take out cover each time."

Anna McEntee in the press...

This is Money: Our home insurance payments tripled after underwriters blamed 'changes to weather patterns’

“Anna McEntee, home insurance expert at comparison website Compare the Market, agreed that climate change – including floods – is likely to be a factor in the hike to home cover costs for those forced to claim.

She says: ‘Living near bodies of water could increase your home insurance premium, given insurers may view it as a bigger flood risk. But you could shell out even more money if your home is not adequately insured. It is definitely worth shopping around to get the best deal.”

The Telegraph: How to save on pet insurance (and not get ripped off by a vet)

“The average pet insurance premium for people taking out a quote through our website is £120 a year,” said Anna McEntee, director at Compare the Market.

Dogs are generally more expensive to insure than cats, with the average premium for dogs standing at £138 a year.

This figure can change depending on your dog’s health and age, however. “Bear in mind that the price of your policy is dependent on a range of factors, including the type of policy you choose, the amount of cover you require, and the age, health and breed of your pets,” she added.”

Which?: 'I paid nearly £9,000 to treat our sick cat' - can pet insurance protect you from soaring vet bills?

“As Anna McEntee, director at Compare the Market, explains, most policies will have a maximum cover limit depending on the level of protection chosen. If a pet owner reaches this maximum limit with a claim, they will usually have to fund any further treatment costs themselves.

She told Which?: 'Pet owners will typically be able to claim for emergencies and unexpected illnesses through their insurance policy, but routine pet healthcare usually won’t be covered, such as check-ups, vaccinations, micro-chipping, or flea and worm treatments. Owners will also typically need to pay an excess if they make a claim. If they have a co-payment policy, where they pay a percentage of each claim, they’ll need to pay this on top of the excess.”

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