Anna McEntee

Director of Insurance at Compare the Market

Insurance comparison expert

Anna’s all about delivering fantastic insurance products at a great price. She cuts through the jargon and finds what’s most important and worth your hard-earned money.

Anna’s background in the industry

“I’ve worked in the insurance industry for over 25 years, with more than 14 of those at BGL and Compare the Market. I’ve previously worked in commercial and product development roles, which means I’ve got plenty of experience working with the products we help people save on every day.”

Anna’s experience

Anna at Compare the Market

Anna has held a number of Director roles at Compare the Market. Currently, she’s the Director of Run & Trade for insurance products. She’s been responsible for product development, strategic planning and operations management.

Anna at BGL Group

While working for the BGL Group, Anna held several positions in the Commercial and Trading teams. This eventually led to her becoming Commercial & Digital Director of their Insurance, Distribution and Outsourcing (IDO) division.

Anna at Legal & General

As the Home Insurance Product Manager, Anna was responsible for developing the product across all distribution channels. She also managed third-party relationships with underwriters of home and other insurance products.

Anna’s goal as Director of Run & Trade at Compare the Market

“My goal is simply to deliver great deals for our customers. I have a long history working closely with the products and services that we compare, so I know what a great deal really looks like and how to get it.”

Anna McEntee commenting on...

Annual travel insurance vs a single-trip policy

"You might think a multi-trip annual policy isn't for you, but even going away twice in a year could make it worth it. It can also remove some of the admin from travelling, with one policy covering you for all your trips, rather than having to take out cover each time."

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Joint life insurance

“Think carefully about taking out joint life insurance. Should something happen to one person in the couple, the policy will pay out and then come to an end – leaving the surviving person uninsured. This often happens at an age where the surviving person is older and perhaps not in good health, making the cost of replacing that cover either expensive or impossible.”

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Anna McEntee in the press...

Do YOU live in one of England's bike theft hotspots?

Daily Mail

”Anna McEntee, director at Comparethemarket, said: 'With so many bike thefts taking place across the country, it’s crucial that cyclists do everything in their power to prevent their bikes from being stolen.

This should include investing in high-quality locks, being careful about where you park your bike and registering with the National Cycle Database.”

Five steps to avoid a burst pipe in cold weather


”With this in mind, Anna McEntee from the home insurance team at Comparethemarket has shared her tips for avoiding burst pipes caused by cold temperatures.

As well as how to avoid a burst pipe, Anna has shared how homeowners can prevent further damage if pipes do end up freezing.

Anna said: “Issues with running water and heating in the winter are not only uncomfortable, but water damage caused by leaks can be potentially costly to fix.”

Expert shares the question you should be asking when viewing a house

Liverpool Echo

”Anna McEntee, who's on the home insurance team at Comparethemarket, shared a list of questions you should keep in mind when viewing a house.

She said: "Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve been through the purchase process before, viewing a potential new home can be an exciting experience. However, purchasing a property is a big investment – and commitment – so, it’s crucial that prospective homeowners ask all the right questions when viewing, to ensure they’re making the right decision.”

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