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Compare Yamaha Thunderace insurance

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Yamaha Thunderace bike insurance

Among Yamaha’s many contributions to motorcycling, the Thunderace is one of the most legendary. If you’re buying one of these amazing motorbikes, you’ll know how important it is to find the right insurance to protect yourself and your machine. 

Frequently asked questions

When did Yamaha start making motorbikes?

Yamaha was better known for its sewing machines and musical instruments before it entered the motorcycle market in 1955. As the new kid on the block, Yamaha opted to use motor sport to get its name known – and known fast.

In its first year as a motorsport contender, Yamaha won the important Japanese Mt Fuji assent in the 125cc class, and the first three places in the All Japan Autobike Endurance road race. 
With its name made in the Japanese market, success overseas was the next goal, although it took a little longer. In 1963, Yamaha won the 250cc class at the Belgian Grand Prix. This was the key that unlocked the door to customer demand, and road bike sales in Europe soon followed.

Yamaha created the first ever true 'off road' bike in 1968, the DT-1. That bike, perhaps more than any other, has inspired the trial bike genre that continues today.

What’s the history behind the YZF1000R Thunderace?

First produced in 1996, the YZF1000R Thunderace is a classic superbike, once described as 'a Honda Fireblade on steroids' by Motorcycle Review. It’s big, perhaps slightly brash, and guaranteed to get the heart thumping. During its seven-year production run, which ended in 2003, the Thunderace brought smiles to many riders’ faces.

At 1003cc, its engine is very big, even for a performance bike, and it delivers the power to match. Its 145bhp makes it exhilarating to ride. On a race track the Thunderace is capable of around 165mph, aided by a lightweight chassis that keep its total weight below 200kg despite the monster engine.

The Thunderace was the foundation for a whole lineage of YZF Yamaha bikes, including the YZF600R Thundercat, the much-loved R1 superbike, and the slightly-smaller R6.

Despite its impressive specs and reputation, the YRF1000R can be found surprisingly cheaply on the second-hand market, so if you’re thinking of getting one, do your research to make sure it’s in good condition and has been well cared for.

What affects my insurance costs?

The actual price you’ll pay depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The actual motorbike you’re riding. The model, age and value of your Ducati will all make a difference to your coverage price.
  • How old you are and how much experience you have. Younger, less experienced riders typically pay more for their bike insurance.
  • The postcode where you live, and where you physically keep the bike when you’re not riding it. Adding security features and keeping your bike in a locked garage can help keep your premiums down.
  • How often you use your bike. If you ride relatively few miles, you’re less of a risk than someone who rides frequently or over long distances. Restricting your mileage is a way of ensuring that you don’t pay more for your insurance than you need to.
  • Your occupation. Some professions are considered higher risk than others, so if yours falls into this category you may find that you are quoted a higher premium than other lower risk occupations.

What policy options are available for motorbike insurance?

You may want to add things to the policy like breakdown cover – great for your peace of mind when you’re riding an older bike.

Or, if you’ve invested in a great helmet and set of leathers, you can protect these with an add-on to your motorbike insurance. You can also add details of any security features, which may reduce your premium.

How can I find an insurance quote for my Yamaha Thunderace?

We can help you compare motorbike insurance quotes from some of the leading providers on the market.

Just answer a few questions about you and your Yamaha Thunderace, and we'll provide a list of competitive quotes from a range of providers. When you find the option that suits your needs, continue to the provider’s website to get your deal.

Want to see what your costs might be? Start a motorbike insurance quote today and see if you could save money on insuring your Yamaha Thunderace.