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The world’s most Instagrammable fountains

Most of us love to take photos of our travels, but where can you find the most iconic fountains? Using Instagram hashtag data, we’ve been able to rank the finest picture-perfect fountains around the world. Additionally, we’ve also included tips on how to keep your belongings safe while out and about.

1. Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy 

With a staggering 590,869 posts on Instagram featuring the hashtag #trevifountain, Trevi Fountain is the most Instagrammable fountain in the world. Towering at almost 30 metres high, the Palazzo Poli building in the background perfectly completes any picture; and legend has it, if you throw a coin into the fountain, you’ll return to Rome one day, and if you throw in two coins, you’ll find your love in Rome… no wonder it’s one of the top tourist attractions in Italy.

2. Jet d’Eau, Geneva, Switzerland

Literally translated to “water jet”, with #jetdeau featured on 145,647 posts, Geneva’s fountain has made it into second place. One of the tallest fountains in the world, it wasn’t initially built to be a fountain, it was originally a pressure release valve for a local hydraulic plant but the Swiss decided to turn it into one in the late 1890s. If you’re planning a trip to Geneva and want that perfect Instagram shot, just be aware that it doesn’t run all the time – it’s turned off overnight, as well as during sub-zero temperatures or strong winds.

3. Cascada del Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona, Spain

Located in a tranquil park in Barcelona, opposite the lake, the Cascada draws in thousands of visitors who can’t wait to take the perfect Instagram shot. Featured in 109,382 Instagram posts, it was designed by Josep Frontserè assisted by the young Antoni Gaudi and is loosely based on the Trevi Fountain. Once you’ve finished posing in front of the Cascada, you can spend a couple of hours walking around the city’s green oasis, or head to the nearby zoo.

4. Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, Rome, Italy

While it may be overshadowed by Trevi Fountain, Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of the four rivers) is still well worth a visit, especially as it has been captured 28,031 times by impressed tourists. Located in Piazza Navona, which is one of the most famous squares in Rome, there are two other picturesque fountains nearby, that could be at the top of your list of things to see, too. 

5. Palais Longchamp, Marseille, France

A must-see for any trip to Marseille, the Palais Longchamp was initially built to bring clean water to the city, but it’s since become a huge tourist attraction, with 23,475 hashtags on Instagram, no less. Once you’ve taken that perfect shot, you may want to visit either the Museum of Fine Arts or the Natural History Museum which are housed in the two wings of the Palais Longchamp, backdrop to the fountains.

The most Instagrammed fountains that made it into the top 10

All of the top 10 most Instagrammable fountains are in Europe, which is most likely because of the classic architecture. Sarajevo’s Sebilj Fountain is in the sixth position and is the furthest east on our list. In seventh place is Neptunbrunnen in Berlin, with 16,599 posts. Located on the Alexanderplatz in the hipster Mitte district, it features Neptune, who’s surrounded by four female figures, which depict the four rivers of Prussia.

In eighth place is Valletta’s Triton Fountain, which is found just outside the main city gate; and Austria’s Swarovski Kristallwelten is in ninth; which, alongside a fountain, is also home to an art gallery, park, and a restaurant. Finally, rounding off the top 10 with 7,931 hashtags, is Neptune’s Fountain in the northern Polish city of Gdansk, which dates back to the 17th century. 

Top tips for keeping your belongings safe from pickpockets

We all know we should avoid keeping valuables in our back pockets, and place cash, cards, and other expensive items in the hotel safe where possible. However, what else can you do to stop yourself from falling victim to a pickpocket targeting visitors at tourist attractions?

1. Invest in a money belt

For your valuables that you may need to carry with you (think passport, cash, and cards), you could buy a money belt, as it may be a lot harder for a potential pickpocket to grab, than say, a handbag.

2. Read up on local scams

Unfortunately, hotspot areas for tourists are likely to be the areas where scammers are operating. While most people will likely be tourists too, who want to take a good picture, it’s worth being clued up on current scams, so you don’t fall for them. From fake spillages where pickpockets will take what they can while “cleaning” you up, to bracelets and other items forced upon you, in return for cash; a quick Google search of “tourist scams” and the city you’re going to, will let you know what to look out for.

3. Make copies of your important documents

While this doesn’t help you to keep your belongings safe, you’ll be glad you’ve done it if you do end up falling victim to a pickpocket. Before you head off on holiday, take photos of your passport, visa (if you need one), and driving licence, as it could be a lot easier for you to replace them, should the worst happen.

4. Check your insurance policy

Whether you’re a budding influencer or just getting a quick tourist picture, if you’re taking gadgets like expensive phones or cameras away with you, the right insurance could protect your device and accessories from theft, accidental damage and loss – so double-check what’s covered before you jet off.

If you do book a trip away, make sure you purchase your travel insurance, as an extra way to help keep your valuables safe; whether it’s a single trip or annual insurance, if you’re planning two or more holidays.

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We determined the world’s most popular fountains via desk research from Tropter and Save a Train. Based on the list of 35 fountains, we then analysed the relevant hashtags across social media and chose the top 10 based on the fountains with the highest amount of hashtags. The number of hashtag posts is accurate as of 17/05/2022.

Please note, while the Musical Fountain in Druskininkai, Lithuania is featured in sources for being one of the top fountains, it’s been left off of the list because there’s no relevant hashtag for the fountain.

The hashtag #swarovskikristallwelten covers the entire of ‘Swarovski Crystals World’.