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Picture-perfect: the world’s most Insta-worthy marinas

Most of us love to take photos of our travels, but where can you find the most attractive waterfronts? Using Instagram hashtag data, we’ve ranked the finest picture-perfect marinas. Read on to find out where in the world they are…

The top five marinas uncovered

Marinas and waterfronts are often the backdrops to some of the most impressive pictures, but which are the top five to visit for the best Instagram upload?  

1. Dubai Marina, Dubai 

Based in the heart of the city’s affluent residential district, Dubai Marina is surrounded by luxury restaurants, shopping centres and sandy beaches – so it’s no wonder it’s picked up a reputation as the most photo-friendly waterfront hotspot in the world.  

With a huge 4,762,906 posts on Instagram, whether you’re snapping a photo of yourself on the way to beach, or en-route for dressed-up dinner and drinks, Dubai Marina is the perfect backdrop for your next picture. 

2. Marina del Rey, Los Angeles 

Set against the backdrop of gorgeous southern California, Marina del Rey is a popular destination for anyone looking to enjoy relaxing dining experiences and exciting water sports. And, with 661,043 posts on Instagram, it’s clear how popular a location it’s become for those who love to share a snapshot of their vacation. 

3. Marina di Porto Cervo, Sardinia 

Situated on the stunning Italian island of Sardinia, Marina di Porto Cervo is a popular Mediterranean resort for the rich and famous, and is home to some of the world’s most luxurious yachts.  

Whether you want to dock your boat here, or stay in one of the elite hotels lining the marina, one thing’s for sure: with 572,721 Instagram posts, it’s definitely earned its position as the third most Instagrammable waterfront in the world. 

4. Porto Montenegro, Montenegro 

A luxury resort and yachting paradise, Porto Montenegro offers exclusivity to visitors seeking high-end boutiques and five-star food. And, with rich blue waters, an impressive mountain range in the background and picture-perfect palm trees lining the streets, it’s little surprise that this marina has become such a popular Instagrammable location, boasting an impressive 172,835 posts. 

5. Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi

Rounding off our top five is Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. It’s unlike any other waterfront you’ll find, given that it’s bordered in part by an actual Formula 1 circuit – the most expensive ever built, in fact. This ultra-exciting addition to the dock makes it the ideal setting for posey pictures that show off your luxury holiday, and with 147,616 posts, it’s clear to see it’s a favourite among Instagrammers. 

They might not have broken into the top five, but the likes of Limassol Marina in Cyprus, Marina Grande in Italy, Port Adriano in Spain, Marina Miraggio in Greece and Ibiza Magna certainly made the top ten and would make a great spot (and shot) for your next trip.

Top travel tips for holidays abroad 

No matter how many holidays you’ve been on, it’s easy to overlook an important detail or two. Follow our top travel tips for your next trip outside of the UK.

1. Double-check your passport

Before heading on your holiday, take a moment to double-check your passport. Confirm that it was issued less than 10 years ago and has at least six months left to run from the date you plan to return home. These rules apply to European travel but might vary worldwide.

2. Test your payment methods

Your holiday mood can quickly fall flat if you find out your credit card isn’t working. To make sure your trip runs smoothly, take a moment to check and test your payment methods before departing. It’s also a good idea to let your bank or credit card provider know that you’re going abroad to make sure your card isn’t blocked. You can usually do this online.

3. Research the area

It’s often helpful to know exactly what the place you’re visiting is like, where the food and drink hotspots are and whether there are any hidden gems to explore. Rather than spending time out of your holiday, get to know your destination before you take your seat on the plane.

4. Enjoy the local cuisine

Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in the local culture when on holiday, sampling the regional cuisine and drink. From new flavours to classic food combinations, you might even be inspired to take your new discoveries home with you.

5. Check your travel insurance policy

Finally, if you’re taking gadgets like expensive phones or cameras away with you, the right insurance could protect your device and accessories from theft, accidental damage and loss – so double-check what’s covered before you jet off.

Whether you’re planning a couple of weeks in the sun or a city break over a long weekend, make sure you have the right travel insurance policy that covers everything from illness to cancellation. 



Using the above sources, we determined and pulled a list of the world’s most elite and largest marinas. Based on the list of 20 marinas, we then analysed the relevant hashtags across social media and chose the top 10 based on the marinas with the highest number of posts. The number of hashtag posts is accurate as of 11/10/22.