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Planning a babymoon? Here's where you should go

A babymoon is a chance for parents-to-be to enjoy one last child-free holiday before pushchairs, carrycots and changing bags take over. It’s a great way for the expectant mum to relax and unwind, and for couples to reconnect and focus on each other before the newest member of the family arrives. 
With COVID restrictions meaning that we still can’t travel abroad, we crunched the numbers to determine the best domestic locations for babymoons once attractions and shops reopen. So, if you need some inspiration on where to go, read on… 

City of London is the top babymoon location

Based on the number of available restaurants, parks, shops, entertainment facilities, museums and healthcare access, per person living within the area, City of London comes out as the top destination for a babymoon. With lots of shopping opportunities, cultural attractions and top restaurants, it’s an ideal destination for couples craving some hustle and bustle. 
Richmond upon Thames at the edge of the capital is a great option, with an average of 6.43 parks, public gardens and playing fields within 1000m of the town.  
For beach babymoon breaks, you can’t beat Conwy in Wales, with an impressive 16 beaches just waiting to be explored. 
Other destinations that made it into our top 10 for babymoons include Warwick, Bury, Falkirk, Gosport and Lancaster. 

Top tips for planning a babymoon 

We spoke to parenting coach Isobel Mary Champion, who revealed her top tips for expectant mums who are planning a babymoon. 

1. Think about what you want to do 
Whether you want to relax on a beach, get pampered in a spa or experience forest bathing, remember that this trip is all about you. 
Ultimately, a babymoon aims to ensure that as an expectant mum you have plenty of time to relax and unwind, while enjoying activities or spending time in a location that would be more difficult to enjoy with a small child. And don’t forget – it’s also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner before the baby arrives. 

2. Decide when you want to go 
For most women, the easiest time to travel is the second trimester, as morning sickness should have passed and you should feel less tired. But always check with your doctor before you travel. 
3. Decide how you’ll travel 
Consider how you’ll feel when travelling – would you prefer to drive, or take public transport? For some mums-to-be travelling for a few hours is absolutely fine, but for others, the idea may be daunting. 
4. Choose who you want to go with 
Babymoons are traditionally for couples but it might be that actually, you’d prefer to spend some time with your best friend, sibling or mum instead. It’s all about being with someone who you can relax and have fun with – and who understands what’s best for you right now. 
5. Make a packing list 
When packing for your babymoon, keep your comfort in mind. When you have kids, your luggage will be all about them – but on this trip, it’s all about you. So, if you need a certain pillow, a brand of herbal tea, or a pair of maternity jeans to feel comfortable, then pack them! 
6. Look after your health 

When choosing a location, you should also bear in mind whether you can easily access medical care if you need it. 
Whether you choose to spend your babymoon close to home or a little further away, you’ll also need to make sure your travel insurance covers your trip. But ultimately, if you’re struggling to decide on a location, remember that the destination isn’t the most important thing, it’s the quality time you’ll spend together as a couple. 

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  • Healthcare (via ONS). Please note, this covers the likes of hospitals, medical practices, etc.

**Using a weighted ranking system, each factor was assigned a score to each location within the index to unveil which locations are best for a babymoon, per capita (based on the number of facilities, per person, who lives in the area). The data categories were normalised individually from 0 to 1. Locations that rank highest for each factor are weighted closer to 1, and for parks, 2 (due to using the two sources). Data correct as of 18/03/2021.