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A decade of car brand popularity

A decade of car brand popularity

Over the past decade, cars have become smarter and more efficient, incorporating gadgets and features that make driving easier and safer.

While cars themselves have been changing, what about the popularity of the various marques and models? We’ve analysed Google search data to see how the popular appeal of car manufacturers and their vehicles has changed over the past 10 years.

search popularity car brands

Future-focused Tesla tops the list, with an increase in popularity of nearly 385%. Aston Martin has taken a hit, however, with a 39% decrease in Google searches. Honda sits in the middle of the table, with a less-than-1% change in popularity.

search popularity car models

As with the brands result, Tesla comes out on top in the models category. The Tesla Roadster has seen a huge increase in search popularity of 878%, perhaps due to the new release due in 2020. At the bottom of the table, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe has seen a decrease in searches of more than 86%.

search popularity car types

Regarding car types, the biggest search increases are technology related, with Driverless Cars topping the chart - up by a whopping 2,636%. The term People Carriers, meanwhile, dropped in popularity by more than 60%, although other terms for this type of car, such as 7 Seater Cars and Minivans have actually increased in popularity.

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We used Google Trends to uncover the search trends for each car model, brand and vehicle type. Our searches looked at worldwide searcher interest, scored out of 100, for every month of each year from 2009 to 2018. We then took the average level of interest for each search term and each month, adding them together to give a yearly total. Across the full time frame, this then gave us a ten-year change and allowed the calculation of a percentage change over time.

You can see the full data here.

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