Electric vehicle resales

As soon as a car rolls off the forecourt, it immediately starts to drop in value, but some definitely hold their value better than others over time. 

How much your vehicle will depreciate depends on a number of things, including its make, model and mileage. 

With more electric vehicles starting to enter the second-hand market, how well do they hold their value? 

Average plug-in resale values 

The EV that holds its value the best is VW's electric version of the Golf, with used models selling for an average price of £23, 248 three-quarters of the 'new' price three years ago. 

This is followed by two Tesla models, the Model S 75 (26.7% depreciation) and Model X 75D (27.5%). Teslas are among the most expensive electric cars and benefit from regular software updates which help them retain their value. 

Average hybrid resale values 

Looking at hybrid vehicles, the one with the best resale value over the last three years is the Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid, with depreciation of just 21%. 
This is followed by Mini’s hybrid offering, the Countryman Cooper SE (31.5%), and another version of the VW Golf, the GTE Advance (36.3%). 

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We looked at some of the most common plug-in and hybrid vehicles from 2017, sourcing their prices ‘as new’ from online reviews from the time. 
We then compared these ‘new’ prices from 2017 with the average ‘used’ price for a 2017 version of each model, based on current listings on Autotrader