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How far can you actually go in a supercar?

We all dream of owning a supercar, but one of the great ironies of these highly sought-after vehicles is that they probably spend more time cooped up in a garage rather than out on the road. 
Whether it’s a fear of damaging the bodywork, or the high costs to keep it on the road. Supercars are out of the question for most of us, but just how much does it cost to fill some of the world’s supercars, and how far could you get on a single tank of fuel? 

Supercars with the highest range  

1. Ferrari SF90 Stradale  

Ferrari’s SF90 Stradale is one of the few hybrid supercars on the market, and is also one of the models which can take you the furthest on a single tank of fuel, with a range of 1,115km. 
While the idea of a plug-in Ferrari may go against a petrolhead’s every instinct, it’s also one of the brand’s fastest and most powerful road cars of all time. 
2. Honda NSX  
Another hybrid supercar takes second place, Honda’s NSX, can travel 745km on a full 70-litre tank of fuel. Based on the original model from the 1990s, the NSX has won numerous awards including Road & Track’s Performance Car of the Year in 2017. 
3. Audi R8 V10 Coupe  
The highest-ranking non-hybrid car on our list was the Audi R8 V10 Coupe, which, on a full tank of fuel, will give you 728km. However, as you might expect, it’s also slightly pricier to run than the hybrid options, costing around £95 to fill the 83-litre tank. 

The cheapest supercars to fill up 

1. Ford GT - £66.41 to fill the tank 

Of the supercars which we looked at, Ford’s second-generation GT came out as the cheapest for a full tank of petrol, at £66.41. However, this is due to the fact that it also has the smallest fuel tank capacity, at just 58 litres. This means that a full tank will give you just 347km before needing to refill. 
2. Porsche 911 Turbo - £76.72 to fill the tank 

The second cheapest supercar to fill was the Porsche 911 Turbo, at a cost of £76.72, although it would take you further than the Ford GT, with a full tank giving you approximately 655km. 

3. Ferrari SF90 Stradale - £77.86 to fill the tank 
As well as being the supercar that will get you the furthest on a single tank of fuel, Ferrari’s SF90 was also one of the cheapest to fill, with a single tank of fuel costing £77.86.  

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Fuel consumption statistics were sourced from the manufacturers’ individual websites, while the cost to fill a tank was calculated based on the average price of unleaded fuel (114.5 p/litre) according to the AA, as of September 2020. 

Note that this is all for comparison purposes only and the actual distance you can go in a supercar will depend on a number of factors, which have not been considered for this (for example, an individual’s driving style, the weather and vehicle load, as well as the way the hybrid systems operate and how their recharge capabilities can extend a vehicle’s range).
To note: is not affiliated with Ferrari, or any of the other brands listed above.