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Automotive ink

Cars are our pride and joy, but would you ever go as far as to have your vehicle immortalised in a tattoo?

It might sound crazy, but thousands of people have chosen to do just that, whether it be a memento to their first car, one they’ve always dreamed of owning, or perhaps the logo of their favourite car brand.

But which are the cars that people love so much that they’re willing to have tattooed on their body? We’ve analysed the number of Instagram posts that mention various car tattoos to find out!

So, was the most common car brand an iconic muscle car make, or maybe a flash supercar brand?

In fact, the car brand that people are most likely to have tattooed was actually Volkswagen, with over 5,000 posts on Instagram.

With a nice, simple logo design, as well as some iconic models such as the Beetle and Transporter campervan, the VW brand is clearly well-loved!

Looking at the specific models that we’re most likely to have inked, there were three clear standouts.

As well as two iconic Chevy models, the Impala and the Corvette, there were many examples of tattoos featuring the DMC DeLorean, which is of course known for appearing in Back to the Future.

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We looked at the number of Instagram posts that were tagged with the brand/model followed by the word tattoo, correct as of August 13th.