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Premiums v Professions

How does your career affect your car insurance costs?

Insurance companies take a lot of factors into account when calculating your car insurance premium, but did you know that what you do for work could lead to you paying more?
Even if you don’t drive as part of your job, certain professions do face higher premiums when it comes to car insurance.
It comes down to whether or not an insurer deems you to be at a higher risk, but which jobs could see your premium rise the most?
We’ve analysed hundreds of insurance quotes to find out, using a consistent set of criteria, while changing the job title to see how it affects the premium price.

10 most expensive professions for car insurance

The data showed that car insurance costs can vary by over 50% depending on your job, with some key worker roles seeing the biggest increase.
The average policy for those who are unemployed worked out to be £571, 40% more expensive than those in work and 54% more than the cheapest profession (HGV driver).
Some key worker occupations also have to pay more when it comes to car insurance, with the average premium for a carer starting at £431 (6% higher than average), with NHS healthcare assistants paying an average of £427 (5% higher than average).

10 cheapest professions for car insurance

However, your occupation could actually end up saving you a significant amount on your insurance too.
The very cheapest jobs for car insurance all involve lots of driving, with HGV drivers paying the least, at an average of £370, with bus drivers paying an average of £381.

The most popular professions and premiums

Methodology ran quotes through its car insurance comparison based on a consistent set of criteria while changing the employment and industry. used the most common professions which are inputted to the website. The top five cheapest quotes are considered to be the average.